Back Pain

Back pain 1

Back pain is a signal from your body 

Do you have:

  • Fear of losing your freedom when others need your help?
  • Fear of material loss?
  • Feeling that you don’t have enough to support?
  • Difficulty asking help or support from others?

Back pain metaphysiacally asks above questions.

What causes back pain?

Following an injury, muscles can tighten, causing pain and soreness. Though some of the pain is due to injury related inflammation, the rest may be caused by surrounding muscles trying to compensate for the damaged area. You unconsciously tense these muscles to prevent any sudden movement of the injured area that could lead to further damage. However, the over use of these supporting muscles can lead to muscle fatigue, pain and ongoing tenstion.

Almost all pain is the result of inflammation

Inflammation is called “silent killer”. Pain and inflammation can greatly impact quality of life. Silent inflammation can also be a contributor to conditions such as fibromyalsia and chronic fatigue syndrome. There is large numbers of anti-inflammatory drugs used in Australia. While they can be immensely effective in alleviating pain and inflammation short term, many have undesirable long-term side effects.

Natural medicine can provide some excellent anti-inflammatory options:

  • Dry Needling
  • Massage
  • Western Herbal medicine
  • Nutrition/Supplements
  • Diet
  • Life style modifications

Naturopath Mika will select and prescribe the most appropriate combination for your specific condition.

Contact Naturopath Mika now or make an appointment for natural therapy support for optimal management of back pain.

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Back pain 1