Compatibility Program

Biocompatibility Test for Better Health 5

What is Compatibility Program?

The Compatibility Program will support you to eat foods and products that are suitable for you so that you can feel better and more energetic.

Why certain foods and products cause your imbalance?

Because when you are feeling out of balance with your body, you can often be eating and drinking items that are incompatible with your natural equilibrium. In another way, imbalance in your body can be aggravated by certain ingredients that disturb your body’s proper function.


    Biocompatibility Test for Better Health 5

    How does it work?

    We have a list of over 500 foods and household items to see which ones are compatible with you.

    Check here the list of 500 items

    Firstly, items are identified either compatible or incompatible with your current state.

    Following the results, they are incorporated into individualised wellness plan.

    This restorative program enhances your wellness and returns to your body to its original state.

    What are the advantages of Compatibility Program?

    • Simple steps
    • Easy to introduce to your daily life
    • Individually customised dietary advice
    • Great for children and babies as well as adults
    • Elder people can improve the quality of life without having more supplements
    • It can reduce the numbers of supplements that you are currently taking

    Who needs Compatibility Program?

    Biocompatibility Program is ideal for people who have skin troubles and digestive complaints as well as who would like to try something different from what they have already tried.

    The Consultative Process

    • Step 1 – Record your meal diary
    • Step 2 – Attend Naturopathic consultation
    • Step 3 – Receive Individualised dietary advice
    • Step 4 – Start the restorative program
    • Step 5 – Follow up after 6 months

    5 Tips to Get the Best Possible Outcomes

    • Follow instructions
    • Stick to the program
    • Keep the record of the progress report and meal diary
    • Ask questions if you are struggling
    • Commit for 6 months